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la 7576 dog hungarian wired haired vizsla
LA-7576 Dog - Hungarian wired-haired Vizsla - in studio
#media dmcs-5275087
hungarian wirehaired vizsla
Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla
#media dmcs-10620816
hungarian wirehaired vizsla
Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla
#media dmcs-10620814
10322 04282 758
#media dmcs-9660005
10322 04270 758
#media dmcs-9659939
10322 04269 758
#media dmcs-9659913
10322 04263 758
#media dmcs-9659897
10322 04258 758
#media dmcs-9659875
crufts 2016/hungarian wirehaired vizsla
hungarian wirehaired vizsla
#media dmcs-11722373
crufts 2015/crufts 2015
Crufts 2015
#media dmcs-10744105
represented dog photographers/farlap/outside sitting alert looking wire brown
outside, sitting, alert, looking, wire, brown, sun, grass
#media dmcs-10673144
represented dog photographers/david dalton/gundog outside standing grass shade pose
gundog, outside, standing, grass, shade, pose, profile, show, wirehaired, forrest
#media dmcs-10672874
represented dog photographers/carol ann johnson/hungarian wirehaired vizsla
Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla
#media dmcs-10672720
represented dog photographers/alice van kempen/standing profile wire grass outside
standing, profile, wire, grass, outside
#media dmcs-10672396
crufts 2013 nick ridley stock images kcpl
Crufts 2013, nick ridley, stock images, KCPL, KCPL_Stock, March 2013, hungarian wirehaired
#media dmcs-10624557
animals/pets/dignified wire haired hungarian vizsla short
A dignified wire-haired Hungarian vizsla with a short bristly beard and long drooping ears
#media dmcs-9518109
animals/brown/wire haired hungarian vizsla dog lying
Wire-haired Hungarian Vizsla dog lying down
#media dmcs-9479651
jd 21814 dog lagotto romagnolo hungarian
JD-21814 DOG. Lagotto Romagnolo and Hungarian Wire-haired Vizsla standing on tree root
#media dmcs-5278645
jd 21812 dog hungarian wired haired vizsla
JD-21812 DOG. Hungarian wired haired Vizsla
#media dmcs-5277985