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Mallard' 4-6-2 steam locomotive, no 4468, 1938 Featured Mallard Print

Mallard' 4-6-2 steam locomotive, no 4468, 1938

This class A4 locomotive was designed by Sir Nigel Gresley, the chief mechanical engineer for the London & North Eastern Railway and built at the railway's works in Doncaster. On Sunday 3 July 1938 the locomotive reached a speed of 126 mph on a straight stretch of track between Grantham and Peterborough, achieving a new world record for steam locomotives which remains unbroken to this day. Shown hauling Post Office coach on the Manchester-Scarborough line

© Copyright National Railway Museum / Science & Society Picture Libr

A mallard duck is seen in a lake as the temperature dropped to around minus 23 degrees Featured Mallard Print

A mallard duck is seen in a lake as the temperature dropped to around minus 23 degrees

A mallard duck is seen in a lake as the temperature dropped to around minus 23 degrees Celsius (minus 9.4 degrees Fahrenheit) on the outskirts of Minsk, Belarus January 5, 2016. REUTERS/Vasily Fedosenko TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY

Air, Animal, Beak, Bird, Close Up, Cold, Covered, Creative Use, Day, Depth Of Field, Duck, Environment, Exterior, Feather, Frozen, Ice Natural, Kywdpcs, Nature, No People, Out Of Focus, Side View, Snow, Snowdrift, Walk, Weather, Wild Animal, Wildlife, Winter

Redcar & Cleveland TS14 8 Map Featured Mallard Print

Redcar & Cleveland TS14 8 Map

Postcode Sector Map of Redcar & Cleveland TS14 8

A173, Aldenham Road, Ash Bank Road, Askew Dale, Avon Drive, Bernaldby Avenue, Bilsdale Gardens, Blind Lane, Bracken Crescent, Brambling Drive, Bransdale, Bryony Court, Campion Drive, Cleator Drive, Cringle Gardens, Crossbill Close, Danby Close, Deepdale, Derwent Avenue, Dunnock Close, Evendale, Falcon Way, Fanacurt Road, Farndale Drive, Fieldfare Gardens, Fryup Crescent, Fulmar Head, Glaisdale Road, Glendale, Goathland Grove, Gold Crest, Great Auk, Hawthorne Drive, Heron Gate, Highcliff Road, Hutton Village, Hutton Village Road, Kestrel Hide, Kingfisher Drive, Kirkdale, Langdale, Lark Drive, Latimer Lane, Lealholm Way, Leven Road, Linnet Close, Little Crake, Little Grebe, Lockton Close, Lowcross Avenue, Lucerne Drive, Lucia Lane, Lyndale, Mallard Close, Merlin Close, Meynell Avenue, Middlesbrough Road, Montagus Harrier, Morton Close, Mossdale Grove, Neville Grove, Newtondale, Nightingale Road, Osprey Close, Overdale, Pease Court, Peregrine Court, Pinchinthorpe, Primrose Close, Raven Close, Redcar And Cleveland, Redwing Rising, Rosebay Court, Rosedale Crescent, Rowan Avenue, Rowland Keld, Roxby Avenue, Ruff Tail, Rye Dale, Sandwood Park, Severn Drive, Sorrell Grove, Spring Lodge Gardens, St Leonards Road, Staindale, Stockdale Close, Stokesley Road, Swallow Close, Tees Road, The Avenue, The Grove, Thweng Way, Tidkin Lane, Tindale, Trefoil Close, Ts14, Ts14 8aa, Ts14 8ab, Ts14 8ad, Ts14 8ae, Ts14 8af, Ts14 8ag, Ts14 8ah, Ts14 8aj, Ts14 8al, Ts14 8an, Ts14 8ap, Ts14 8aq, Ts14 8ar, Ts14 8as, Ts14 8at, Ts14 8au, Ts14 8aw, Ts14 8ax, Ts14 8be, Ts14 8bg, Ts14 8bh, Ts14 8bj, Ts14 8bl, Ts14 8bn, Ts14 8bp, Ts14 8bq, Ts14 8bs, Ts14 8bt, Ts14 8bu, Ts14 8bw, Ts14 8bx, Ts14 8by, Ts14 8bz, Ts14 8da, Ts14 8db, Ts14 8dd, Ts14 8de, Ts14 8df, Ts14 8dg, Ts14 8dj, Ts14 8dl, Ts14 8dn, Ts14 8dp, Ts14 8dq, Ts14 8dr, Ts14 8ds, Ts14 8dt, Ts14 8du, Ts14 8dw, Ts14 8dx, Ts14 8dy, Ts14 8dz, Ts14 8ea, Ts14 8eb, Ts14 8ed, Ts14 8ee, Ts14 8eg, Ts14 8eh, Ts14 8ej, Ts14 8el, Ts14 8en, Ts14 8ep, Ts14 8eq, Ts14 8er, Ts14 8es, Ts14 8et, Ts14 8eu, Ts14 8ew, Ts14 8ex, Ts14 8ey, Ts14 8ez, Ts14 8fa, Ts14 8fd, Ts14 8fe, Ts14 8ha, Ts14 8hb, Ts14 8hd, Ts14 8he, Ts14 8hf, Ts14 8hg, Ts14 8hh, Ts14 8hj, Ts14 8hl, Ts14 8hn, Ts14 8hp, Ts14 8hq, Ts14 8hr, Ts14 8hs, Ts14 8ht, Ts14 8hu, Ts14 8hw, Ts14 8hx, Ts14 8hy, Ts14 8hz, Ts14 8ja, Ts14 8jb, Ts14 8jd, Ts14 8je, Ts14 8jf, Ts14 8jg, Ts14 8jh, Ts14 8jj, Ts14 8jl, Ts14 8jn, Ts14 8jp, Ts14 8jq, Ts14 8jr, Ts14 8js, Ts14 8jt, Ts14 8ju, Ts14 8jw, Ts14 8jx, Ts14 8jy, Ts14 8la, Ts14 8lb, Ts14 8ld, Ts14 8le, Ts14 8lf, Ts14 8lg, Ts14 8lh, Ts14 8lj, Ts14 8ll, Ts14 8ln, Ts14 8lp, Ts14 8lq, Ts14 8lt, Ts14 8lu, Ts14 8lw, Ts14 8lx, Ts14 8ly, Ts14 8lz, Ts14 8na, Ts14 8nb, Ts14 8nd, Ts14 8pa, Ts14 8pb, Ts14 8pd, Ts14 8pe, Ts14 8pf, Ts14 8pg, Ts14 8ph, Ts14 8pj, Ts14 8pl, Ts14 8pn, Ts14 8pp, Ts14 8pq, Ts14 8pr, Ts14 8pw, Ts14 8yh, Waxwing Close, Weardale, Whinchat Tail, Whorlton Close, Wykeham Avenue