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Great bustard, Otis tarda (vulnerable) Featured Bustards Print

Great bustard, Otis tarda (vulnerable)

Great bustard, Otis tarda (vulnerable), and common ringed plover, Charadrius hiaticula.. Handcolored copperplate stipple engraving from Dumont de Sainte-Croix's Dictionary of Natural Science: Ornithology, Paris, France, 1816-1830. Illustration by J. G. Pretre, engraved by Plie, directed by Pierre Jean-Francois Turpin, and published by F.G. Levrault. Jean Gabriel Pretre (1780-1845) was painter of natural history at Empress Josephine's zoo and later became artist to the Museum of Natural History

© Florilegius / Mary Evans

Huntingdonshire PE28 0 Map Featured Bustards Print

Huntingdonshire PE28 0 Map

Postcode Sector Map of Huntingdonshire PE28 0

Alsyke Close, Aragon Place, Armstrong Close, Ashfield, Aylott Close, B645, B660, B661, Bakers Way, Beltons Hill, Bigrams Lane, Blacksmiths Lane, Blythe Green, Brampton Road, Breach Road, Brington, Broadweir, Brook Lane, Brook Road, Buckden Road, Burton Way, Bustard Hill, Bythorn, Castle Gardens, Catworth, Catworth Farm Lane, Cedar Close, Chainbridge Lane, Chainbrige Lane, Chandlers, Chapel Lane, Chestnut Close, Chichester Way, Church Hill, Church Lane, Church Road, Church View, Church Walk, Clack Lane, Cockway Lane, Constables Leys, Covington, Cowley Close, Cross Street, Crow Spinney Lane, Croxton Gardens, Duberly Close, East Perry, East Street, Easton, Easton Road, Ellington, Ellington Thorpe, Ferriman Road, Field Close, Fox Road, Fuller Close, Glebe Road, Grafham, Grafham Road, Grass Yard, Green Lane, Grove Lane, Grovemere Court, Hall Lane, Hartham Close, Hartham Street, Harvard Way, Hawkins Close, Haycraft Close, High Street, Hill Place, Hillside Close, Home Close, Hunters Way, Huntingdonshire, Inhams Way, Ivy Way, Keyston, Keyston Road, Kimbolton, Kym Road, Lakeside Close, Linden Grove, Little Catworth, Littlecotes Close, London Road, Long Lane, Loop Road, Lower Dean, Lymage Road, Main Street, Malting Lane, Manor Farm Court, Maurice Close, Meadowground, Mickle Hill, Moat Lane, Molesworth, Montagu Gardens, Mount Pleasant, Nene Road, Newtown, Newtown Lane, Ouse Road, Parsons Drive, Pe28, Pe28 0aa, Pe28 0ab, Pe28 0ad, Pe28 0ae, Pe28 0af, Pe28 0ag, Pe28 0aj, Pe28 0al, Pe28 0an, Pe28 0ap, Pe28 0aq, Pe28 0ar, Pe28 0at, Pe28 0au, Pe28 0aw, Pe28 0ax, Pe28 0ay, Pe28 0az, Pe28 0ba, Pe28 0bb, Pe28 0bd, Pe28 0be, Pe28 0bf, Pe28 0bg, Pe28 0bh, Pe28 0bj, Pe28 0bl, Pe28 0bn, Pe28 0bp, Pe28 0bq, Pe28 0bs, Pe28 0bt, Pe28 0bu, Pe28 0bw, Pe28 0bx, Pe28 0by, Pe28 0bz, Pe28 0da, Pe28 0db, Pe28 0de, Pe28 0df, Pe28 0dg, Pe28 0dh, Pe28 0dj, Pe28 0dl, Pe28 0dn, Pe28 0dp, Pe28 0dq, Pe28 0dr, Pe28 0ds, Pe28 0dt, Pe28 0du, Pe28 0dw, Pe28 0dx, Pe28 0dy, Pe28 0dz, Pe28 0ea, Pe28 0eb, Pe28 0ed, Pe28 0ey, Pe28 0ez, Pe28 0ga, Pe28 0gb, Pe28 0gd, Pe28 0ge, Pe28 0gg, Pe28 0gw, Pe28 0ha, Pe28 0hb, Pe28 0hd, Pe28 0he, Pe28 0hf, Pe28 0hg, Pe28 0hh, Pe28 0hj, Pe28 0hl, Pe28 0hn, Pe28 0hp, Pe28 0hq, Pe28 0hr, Pe28 0hs, Pe28 0ht, Pe28 0hu, Pe28 0hw, Pe28 0hx, Pe28 0hy, Pe28 0hz, Pe28 0ja, Pe28 0jb, Pe28 0jd, Pe28 0je, Pe28 0jf, Pe28 0jg, Pe28 0jj, Pe28 0jl, Pe28 0jn, Pe28 0jp, Pe28 0jq, Pe28 0jr, Pe28 0js, Pe28 0jt, Pe28 0ju, Pe28 0jw, Pe28 0jx, Pe28 0jy, Pe28 0jz, Pe28 0la, Pe28 0lb, Pe28 0ld, Pe28 0le, Pe28 0lf, Pe28 0lh, Pe28 0lj, Pe28 0ll, Pe28 0ln, Pe28 0lp, Pe28 0lq, Pe28 0lr, Pe28 0ls, Pe28 0lt, Pe28 0lu, Pe28 0lw, Pe28 0lx, Pe28 0ly, Pe28 0lz, Pe28 0na, Pe28 0nb, Pe28 0nd, Pe28 0ne, Pe28 0nf, Pe28 0ng, Pe28 0nh, Pe28 0nj, Pe28 0nl, Pe28 0np, Pe28 0nq, Pe28 0nr, Pe28 0ns, Pe28 0nt, Pe28 0nu, Pe28 0nw, Pe28 0pa, Pe28 0pb, Pe28 0pd, Pe28 0pe, Pe28 0pf, Pe28 0pg, Pe28 0ph, Pe28 0pj, Pe28 0pl, Pe28 0pn, Pe28 0pq, Pe28 0ps, Pe28 0pw, Pe28 0px, Pe28 0qa, Pe28 0qd, Pe28 0qf, Pe28 0qg, Pe28 0qh, Pe28 0qj, Pe28 0ql, Pe28 0qn, Pe28 0qp, Pe28 0qr, Pe28 0qs, Pe28 0qt, Pe28 0qu, Pe28 0qw, Pe28 0qy, Pe28 0ra, Pe28 0rb, Pe28 0rd, Pe28 0re, Pe28 0rf, Pe28 0rg, Pe28 0rh, Pe28 0rp, Pe28 0rq, Pe28 0rr, Pe28 0rs, Pe28 0rt, Pe28 0ru, Pe28 0rw, Pe28 0rx, Pe28 0ry, Pe28 0sd, Pe28 0se, Pe28 0sr, Pe28 0ss, Pe28 0st, Pe28 0sx, Pe28 0sy, Pe28 0sz, Pe28 0ta, Pe28 0tb, Pe28 0td, Pe28 0te, Pe28 0tg, Pe28 0th, Pe28 0tj, Pe28 0tl, Pe28 0tn, Pe28 0tp, Pe28 0tq, Pe28 0tr, Pe28 0ts, Pe28 0tt, Pe28 0tu, Pe28 0tw, Pe28 0tx, Pe28 0ty, Pe28 0tz, Pe28 0ua, Pe28 0ub, Pe28 0ud, Pe28 0ue, Pe28 0uf, Pe28 0ug, Pe28 0uh, Pe28 0ul, Pe28 0un, Pe28 0up, Pe28 0ur, Pe28 0ut, Pe28 0uu, Pe28 0uw, Pe28 0ux, Pe28 0uz, Pe28 0wh, Pe28 0wn, Pe28 0xa, Pe28 0xd, Pe28 0yt, Pe28 0yu, Pe28 0yx, Pe28 0yy, Perry Wood View, Pound Close, Pound Lane, Ridgeway, River Road, Roman Way, Rose Croft, Roundhouse Drive, Royston Avenue, Sandy Lane, School Lane, Shay Lane, Shelton, Shelton Road, Spaldwick, Spaldwick Road, Spaldwick Service Station, Spinney Field, St Andrews Court, St Andrews Lane, St James Gardens, St Peters Way, Station Road, Stocking Lane, Stonely Road, Stow Longa, Stow Road, The Drive, The Duchess Walk, The Green, The Lane, The Park, The Pentelowes, The Pightle, The Wyvern, Thrapston Road, Tilbrook, Tilbrook Road, Toll Bar Lane, Tollfield, Tudor Court, Upper Dean, Upthorpe, Valley Road, Van Diemans Way, Warren Lane, Welby Close, West Perry, Whitehall Way, Windmill Close, Woolley Hill, Yeomans Close

Shorebirds (Charadriiformes), wood engravings, published in 1897 Featured Bustards Print

Shorebirds (Charadriiformes), wood engravings, published in 1897

Shorebirds (Charadriiformes), left side: 1) Ruff (Calidris pugnax, or Machetes pugnax); 2) Swamphen (Porphyrio porphyrio, or Porphyrio veterum); 3) Eurasian woodcock (Scolopax rusticola); 4) Eurasian coot (Fulica atra); 5) Corn crake (Crex crex, or Crex pratensis). Right side: 1) Great bustard (Otis tarda, or Otis tetrax); 2) Grey-winged trumpeter (Psophia crepitans); 3) European golden plover (Pluvialis apricaria, or Charadrius pluvialis, top); 4) Northern lapwing (Vanellus vanellus, or Vanellus cristatus, bottom). Wood engravings, published in 1897