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Images Dated 11th November 2004

Choose from 101 pictures in our Images Dated 11th November 2004 collection for your Wall Art or Photo Gift. All professionally made for Quick Shipping.

Lesser Sulphur-crested / Yellow-Crested COCKATOO Featured 11 Nov 2004 Image

Lesser Sulphur-crested / Yellow-Crested COCKATOO

Lesser Sulphur-crested / Yellow-Crested COCKATOO
Distribution: Australia and Papua New Guinea
Cacatua sulphurea
Dennis Avon
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Artwork of meteor shower over a city Featured 11 Nov 2004 Image

Artwork of meteor shower over a city

Meteor shower. Illustration of a meteor shower over a city at night. Meteor showers are caused by microscopic dust particles that enter the Earth's atmosphere and ignite due to air resistance, producing streaks of light. They occur at the same time each year, when the Earth crosses the orbit of a comet and collides with its debris. The particles travel in parallel trails but due to a perspective effect seem to radiate from one point, which is called the radiant. This effect is illustrated here by comparison with the city's converging streets


Manganese and copper voltaic cell Featured 11 Nov 2004 Image

Manganese and copper voltaic cell

Manganese and copper voltaic cell. Copper (right) and manganese (left) half cells joined by a salt bridge. When a stick of copper (Cu) is inserted in a copper salt solution it loses electrons according to the reaction, Cu<-->Cu2+ + 2e-. So Cu metal and Cu2+ ion form a redox couple with Cu2+ as the oxidant and Cu as the reductant. The same occurs for manganese (Mn) metal and manganese salt. The copper half cell produces electrons at a faster rate than the manganese so there is a potential difference between them. When the two half cells are joined by a saturated salt "bridge" and the metals are joined by a wire, a current flows