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Images Dated 28th May 2004

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Sporangia and spores of the male fern Featured 28 May 2004 Image

Sporangia and spores of the male fern

Light micrograph of the sporangia (spore sacs) and spores of the male fern", Dryopteris filix-mas. The sporangia of Dryopteris are borne on the undersides of the leaf fronds in brown kidney- shaped structures known as sori. Each sporangium is a biconvex capsule in which the mature spores lie freely. Five ruptured sporangia are seen here. The prominent yellow structure around the edge of each sporangium wall is a band of thick-walled cells called the annulus. As the mature sporangium dries, the tension in the walls of the annulus causes the sporangium to rupture, expelling the spores which are then distributed by the wind. Magnification: x100 at 35mm size."


Illustration of fallopian tube infertility Featured 28 May 2004 Image

Illustration of fallopian tube infertility

Illustration of fallopian tube infertility. A fallopian tube extends from the uterus to each ovary; it transports eggs and sperm, and is the site of fertilization. Disorders of the fallopian tubes are thus a common cause of infertility. Here a blockage of the tube (lower left) has occurred. The ovary is at lower centre (grey). The funnel- shaped opening of the fallopian tube with its finger-like projections (fimbriae) are at upper centre. An infection is causing the fallopian tube opening to weep fluid. Blockage of the tube lead- ing to infertility can be through bacterial infec- tion causing tube inflammation (Salpingitis); venereal disease; and ectopic pregnancy


open-uri20120928-26917-15j6riu Featured 28 May 2004 Image


2004 European Grand Prix - Friday practice,
Nurburgring, Germany.
28th May 2004.
Ralf Schumacher, BMW Williams FW26, action.
World Copyright: LAT Photographic.
ref: Digital Image Only (A high res version is available on request Eur_04_Fri_D040)