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Images Dated 2nd August 2004

Choose from 79 pictures in our Images Dated 2nd August 2004 collection for your Wall Art or Photo Gift. All professionally made for Quick Shipping.

DTM nurburgring / germany 2004 Featured 2 Aug 2004 Image

DTM nurburgring / germany 2004

2004 Formula Three Euroseries
Nurburgring, Germany. 31st July - 1st August 2004
Jamie Green (ASM Formule 3), leads Nico Rosberg (Team Rosberg), Daniel La Rosa (HBR Motorsport) and Lewis Hamilton (Manor Motorsport), action.
Wold Copyright : Andre Irlmeier / LAT Photographic
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Convergent evolution Featured 2 Aug 2004 Image

Convergent evolution

Convergent evolution. Historical artwork of a hummingbird hawk moth (left) and a hummingbird (right) feeding. These animals show convergent evolution, the evolution of similar traits by unrelated species that occupy similar niches. Both the moth and the bird feed on nectar from flowers, and both hover in mid-air to do so. The hummingbird has a long thin beak and tongue to reach the nectar, while the humming bird hawk moth has a long proboscus. The animals are so similar that the moth is often mistaken for the hummingbird. Taken from The Naturalist on the Amazons by the nineteenth century naturalist Henry Bates


Hill soil erosion caused by over-grazing Featured 2 Aug 2004 Image

Hill soil erosion caused by over-grazing

Soil erosion. Hillside soil erosion caused by over-grazing of farm animals. Loss of protective vegetation through over-grazing causes the soil to lose its structure and coherence. It dries out and becomes increasingly susceptible to specific forms of erosion by water. Photographed in Canada


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