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Images Dated 27th October 2003

Choose from 84 pictures in our Images Dated 27th October 2003 collection for your Wall Art or Photo Gift. All professionally made for Quick Shipping.

Patrolling the permanent way, Manningtree, Essex, May 1948 Featured 27 Oct 2003 Image

Patrolling the permanent way, Manningtree, Essex, May 1948

A ganger patrolling the permanent way, Manningtree, Essex, May 1948. Maintanence of the permanent way was essential for the safe running of the railway. The ganger checks the sleepers, the fastenings of the chairs holding the rails, the tightness of fishplates and the size of the gap between the rails. He carries a hammer for knocking in loose keys securing the rails in their chairs. Photographer Cyril Herbert was one of the few enthusiasts who produced studies of railwaymen. Herbert worked on the railway himself and took this photograph while on duty

Artificial hip joint Featured 27 Oct 2003 Image

Artificial hip joint

Prosthetic hip. View of a prosthetic (artificial) hip joint. The metal shaft (black) ends in a ball (silver) embedded in a plastic socket. Prosthetic hip joints are used to replace diseased hip joints that have become stiff and painful as a result of arthritis or injury. In a hip replacement, the "ball" at the end of the thigh bone is removed and the "socket" in the pelvis is enlarged. The artificial components are then cemented in their place, the shaft fitting into a specially made hollow inside the thigh bone. Hip replacement is a successful operation that has transformed many lives, but the long-term outlook is uncertain as the artificial joint may loosen with time


Down House, Darwins home Featured 27 Oct 2003 Image

Down House, Darwins home

Down House. Historical print of Down House (also known as Downe House) and part of its garden. It was the home of the British biologist, Charles Darwin. It is located at Down, near Farnborough, Kent, England. He purchased it in 1842 for #2000 and this was his home until his death in 1882. The property was "built of shabby bricks" and had a smallholding attached and easy access to a railway station. The rural setting was ideal for Darwin, as he was a modest man who shunned publicity. It was during his stay that Darwin wrote and published (amongst other books) On The Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection (1859) and The Descent of Man (1871)