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Images Dated 21st March 2003

Choose from 45 pictures in our Images Dated 21st March 2003 collection for your Wall Art or Photo Gift. All professionally made for Quick Shipping.

Cryptic katydid insect on a fern leaf Featured 21 Mar 2003 Image

Cryptic katydid insect on a fern leaf

Katydid. Macrophotograph of a cryptic katydid insect (family Tettigoniidae) on a fern leaf. The leaf green colour (cryptic colouration) of this katydid, and the plant-like spines on its body and legs, serve as an example of camouflage in nature. The katydid can hide very well amongst leaves and scrub, which helps it to avoid the attention of predators. Katydids are large grasshopper-like insects in which sound communication is well-developed. They mostly feed on plants. In tropical forests (such as this one in Ecuador) adaptations in camouflage are abundant. The name "katydid" is an imitation of the noise the insect makes


Lungs, CT scans Featured 21 Mar 2003 Image

Lungs, CT scans

Lungs. Sequence of six coloured axial CT (computed tomography) scans through the upper chest of a 52- year-old woman. The front of the chest is at top, and the right of the body is at left. The sequence moves down through the body as it runs from left- right along top then bottom. The two lungs (dark blue) and their branching airways (bronchioles, light blue) are separated by the mediastinal area (centre). This contains the trachea (blue circle) that splits into the two lung bronchi (images 4- 6). Major blood vessels (orange, upper centre) lead to the top of the heart (seen in images 4-6). The bone (dark orange) of the spine (lower centre) and ribs (surrounding the lungs) is also seen


open-uri20120928-19405-1nfwahk Featured 21 Mar 2003 Image


Clipsal 500 V8 Supercars
Adelaide 22nd March 2003
Holden driver Mark Skaife watches the race action from the pit garage at the Clipsal 500 in Adelaide Australia.
World Copyright: Mark Horsburgh/LAT Photographic
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