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Images Dated 4th November 2002

Choose from 28 pictures in our Images Dated 4th November 2002 collection for your Wall Art or Photo Gift. All professionally made for Quick Shipping.

Milky Way Featured 4 Nov 2002 Image

Milky Way

Milky Way. Mosaic of photographs of the Milky Way, the spiral galaxy in which our solar system lies. Our Sun is believed to be around two-thirds of the way out from the centre in a small spiral arm. Galactic Centre lies at the centre of the image in the constellation Sagittarius. This is where the bulge of stars in the Milky Way is at its greatest, tapering away on either side. The image runs around the whole of the sky, so our view away from Galactic Centre is seen both at far left and at far right. Interstellar dust obscures much of the Galaxy's central axis. The Milky Way is thought to be about 120, 000 light years across and to contain over 100 billion stars


Decoherence in quantum computing Featured 4 Nov 2002 Image

Decoherence in quantum computing

Quantum computing decoherence. Three-dimensional graph showing the effects of decoherence on the qubit state in quantum computing. Qubits are the quantum computing equivalent of computing "bits". However, unlike bits, qubits exist in both "on" or "off" states at once. The broad peaks represent the extreme "on" and "off" states. The sharp peaks in between them represent quantum states between "on" and "off". A quantum computer uses molecules to save information in the qubit state which is far more powerful than normal computers. Decoher- ence is interference which causes the molecule to revert to one state and thus lose information