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Images Dated 10th August 2000

Rocky Mountain Bighorn Ram
Okapi standing (Okapia johnstoni)
Emerald Pool
Emerald Pool
Mother Western Lowland Gorilla touching babys hand (Gorilla gorilla gorilla)
Rocky Mountain Bighorn Ram standing in meadow at Rocky Mt. NP - Colorado
Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep licking salt off road near
Three young Rams on rocky outcrop near Rocky Mountain National Park - Colorado
Neotropical Rattlesnake
Jaguars Fur & Pattern
Anaconda close-up (Eunectes murinus) native to South America
Mountains & Cholla in foreground at Nature Conservancys Muleshoe Ranch
View of Rock Formations at Monument Canyon, Colorado National Monument, Colorado
Hillside reflected in pool near Lake Powell - Utah Glen Canyon Natl Recreation
Raccoon standing at edge of pond
Greater One-horned Asian Rhinoceros Baby
Snowshoe hare against greenery in winter
Baby Western Lowland Gorilla on moms chest
Okapia walking
Scene of Unique Rock Sculptures in Goblin Valley State Park - Utah
Holes in the rock face of a cliff carved out by the elements - Lake Powell UT
Bactrian Camel w / mouth open, lip up - head shot
Bactrian Camel head shot
Eroded Carvings on Sandstone face of cliff - Lake Powell, Glen Canyon Recrational - UTAH
Pronghorn Does on hillside at Yellowstone Natl Park (Antilocapra americana)
Pronghorn Buck lying in meadow - Yellowstone NP
Pronghorns in meadow & low clouds over mountains
Lake Powell & red rock country - Glen Canyon Recreational Area - Utah
American Wigeon in rain (Anas americana)
Biologist Counts Sandwich & Royal Tern Nests, Breton Bird Refuge / LA / Louisiana

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