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Images Dated 16th July 1996

Choose from 14 pictures in our Images Dated 16th July 1996 collection for your Wall Art or Photo Gift. All professionally made for Quick Shipping.

Artwork of sensory organs in middle & inner ear Featured 16 Jul 1996 Image

Artwork of sensory organs in middle & inner ear

Middle and inner ear. Artwork illustrating the internal organs of the human ear. The middle ear transmits sound from the ear drum (pink centre left) to the inner ear. It consists of 3 tiny joined bones (the ossicles, brown upper left): the malleus, joined to the inside of the eardrum, the incus, & the stapes, connected to the inner ear. The inner ear consists of fluid-filled passages called the labyrinth (blue and pink). The spiral cochlea (right), contains microscopic hairs that respond to sound vibrations from the middle ear. Nerves (yellow) connect the cochlea to the brain. The loops at top are semi-circular canals which are responsible for balance