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1 Jan 1800

Wine Cellar
Wine Cellar
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1 Jan 1800
Collection of 2,031 prints
Cakile maritima, Sea Rocket
Hieracium holosericeum, Woolly-headed Hawkweed
Hieracium lingulatum, Lingulate-leaved Hawkweed
Hieracium chrysanthum, var. microcephalum, Golden-flowered Hawkweed, var. B
Hieracium chrysanthum, var. genuinum, Golden-flowered Hawkweed, var. a
Hieracium calenduliflorum, Marygold-flowered Hawkweed
Hieracium globosum, Globose-headed Hawkweed
Hieracium gracilentum, Slender Hawkweed
Hieracium eximium, Grey-headed Hawkweed
Hieracium aurantiacum, Orange Hawkweed
Hieracium melanocephalum, Alpine Hawkweed
Hieracium Pilosella, Mouse-ear Hawkweed
Crepis biennis, Large Rough Hawk s-beard
Crepis paludosa, Marsh Hawk s-beard
Crepis succisifolia, Scabious-leaved Hawk s-beard
Crepis setosa, Bristly Hawk s-beard
Crepis virens, Smooth Hawk s-beard
Sonchus palustris, Marsh Sow-thistle
Crepis foetida, Stinking Hawk s-beard
Hieracium caesium, Caesious Hawkweed
Crepis taraxacifolia, Small Rough Hawk s-beard
Hieracium maculatum, Spotted Hawkweed
Hieracium murorum, Wall Hawkweed
Hieracium aggregatum, Compact Hawkweed
Hieracium flocculosum, Stellately-downy Hawkweed
Hieracium argenteum, Silvery Hawkweed
Hieracium cinarescens, Hairy-leaved Hawkweed
Hieracium Anglicum, var. decipiens, English Hawkweed, var. B
Hieracium Anglicum, var. genuinum, English Hawkweed, var. a
Hieracium strictum, Straight-branched Hawkweed
Hieracium Borreri, Borrers Hawkweed
Hieracium amplexicaule, Amplexicaul-leaved Hawkweed
Hieracium prenanthoides, Rough-leaved Hawkweed
Hieracium crocatum, Saffron Hawkweed
Hieracium corymbosum, Corymbose Hawkweed
Hieracium gothicum, Naked-headed Hawkweed
Hieracium tridentatum, Three-toothed Hawkweed
Hieracium umbellatum, Narrow-leaved Hawkweed
Hieracium boreale, Broad-leaved Hawkweed
Hieracium vulgatum, Wood Hawkweed
Xanthium Strumarium, Common Bur-Marygold
Ranunculus bulbosus, Bulbous Crowfoot
Ranunculus repens, Creeping Crowfoot
Ranunculus eu-acris, Upright Meadow Crowfoot
Ranunculus Lingua, Greater Spearwort
Ranunculus auricornus, Wood Crowfoot

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