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Fashion Plate (Opera Dress), 1809

Fashion Plate (Opera Dress), 1809

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Fashion Plate (Opera Dress), 1809

This image could have imperfections as it's either historical or reportage.

Media ID 33364206

© Heritage Images, Heritage Image Partnership Ltd

1800s 19th Century Apparel Arts Britain British Brown Century Clothes Clothing Colour Costume Country Dress England English Engraved Engraving Fashion Fashion Plate Female Georgian Glove Gloves Gown Heritage Art Museum Nineteenth Century Robe Robes Sleeve Woman Women Womenswear Ackermann R Ackermann Rudolph Empire Gown Empire Line Fashion Clothing Hand Coloured Engraving On Paper Lacma Ladieswear Line Engraving Los Angeles County Museum Of Art Opera Dress R Ackermann Regency Regency Era Rudolph Ackermann Short Sleeved Short Sleeves Sleeves Womens Wear


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This print showcases a stunning "Fashion Plate (Opera Dress)" from the year 1809. The image takes us back to the early 19th century, during Britain's Regency era, where fashion was an art form in itself. Created by Rudolph Ackermann, a renowned English artist and publisher, this hand-colored engraving on paper beautifully captures the essence of women's attire during that time. The Empire gown featured in this fashion plate is truly exquisite. Its empire line silhouette accentuates the female figure with elegance and grace. The dress boasts short sleeves adorned with delicate lace cuffs, adding a touch of femininity to the ensemble. The rich brown color chosen for this garment exudes sophistication and refinement. Every detail in this artwork speaks volumes about the historical significance of clothing and its role in society at that time. From the meticulously engraved patterns on the robe to the perfectly fitted gloves held delicately by our model's hand, it is evident that no aspect of fashion was overlooked. Displayed at Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA), this piece serves as a testament to our heritage and offers us a glimpse into an era long gone but not forgotten. It reminds us how fashion has always been intertwined with culture and self-expression throughout history. As we admire this remarkable work by Alamy, let us appreciate not only its artistic value but also recognize its contribution to preserving our collective memory. This photograph print invites us to delve into centuries past while reminding us that style transcends time - forever evolving yet eternally captivating.

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