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Ethiopia in Africa

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Map of Ancient Egypt
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gallery gallery
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Haile Selassie
Early 12th Century Frescoes in Bet Maryam, St. Marys Church, Lalibela
Haile Selassie / Ils 1936
Ethiopia country map
Ras Makonnen
Ras Makonnen
Selassie Crowned / 1930
Pouring coffee during a coffee ceremony, Ethiopia, Africa
Ethiopia - Abbysinian Clergy
Ras Taffari Applauded
Menelik Ii / Ethiopia
Church paintings, Narga Selassie, Dek, Lake Tana, Ethiopia, Africa
Procession for Christian festival of Rameaux, Axoum (Axum) (Aksum), Tigre region
Angels, Debre Birhan Selassie church, Gondar, Ethiopia, Africa
Blue Nile Falls, waterfall on the Blue Nile River, Ethiopia, Africa
Small farm in the Metu region, Ethiopia, Africa
Village of Adua (Adwa) (Adowa), historic place where Menelik defeated the Italians in battle
Bet Giorgis church, Lalibela, UNESCO World Heritage Site, Ethiopia, Africa
Mating Gelada baboons (Theropithecus Gelada), Simien Mountains National Park, Amhara region, North Ethiopia, Africa
The Simien Mountains National Park, Ethiopia, Africa
Blue Nile Falls, near Lake Tana, Gondar region, Ethiopia, Africa
Portrait of a blacksmith at work, town of Axoum (Axum) (Aksum), Tigre region
Street scene in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Africa
Aerial view of the town taken from Goha Hotel, Gondar, Ethiopia, Africa
Weekly market in Bati, the largest outside Addis Ababa, Northern Highlands
Australopithecus afarensis (AL 288-1) (Lucy)
Aerial view of opening carved in rocks, entrance of Abuna Yemata Guh church
Map of Egypt
Map of Egypt
Somali womans hands covered in henna tattoos, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Africa
View over Gonder and the Royal Enclosure from the top of Fasiladas Palace
Map / Africa / Ethiopia 18C
Hamer Woman, Omo Valley, Ethiopia
Spices for sale, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Africa
Mural of Jesus and Mary, Church of Ura Kedane Meheriet, Peninsula of Zege on Lake Tana
Negus Flees / Ethiopia
Folklore / Unicorns
View of Dessie (Dese, Dessye, Dixan), Ethiopia
agriculture, amhara, central ethiopia, clear sky, color image, colour image, copy space
SAINT JOHN. Writing his gospel. Dabra Maryam manuscript. Ethiopia. c1360-80
Old inscriptions in the Ezana stone, an artifact from the ancient Kingdom of Aksum
Stelae Field, Axum, Ethiopia, Africa
People on a dirt road, Terari Wenz region, Wollo Province, Ethiopia, Africa
Interior, Bieta Ghiorghis (St. George s), Lalibela, UNESCO World Heritage Site
Fresco of Madonna and Child, St. Marys Church (Bieta Maryam), Wollo region
Rock-hewn Christian church of Bieta Ghiorghis (St. George s), Lalibela
Sabean inscriptions with Ge ez on top slab, church of Abuna Aftse, Yeha

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