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Faiyum Gallery

Faiyum, Egypt in Africa

Egypt. Roman period. Fayum mummy portraits. Man
Al-Fayoum in the Fayoum Oasis, Egypt
Fluted column of the tympanum of the Hawara Labyrinth. Fayyu
Temple and pyramids on Lake Karun (Moeris), El Faiyum, Egypt
Prince Rahotepa€™s slab stela, Meidum, Egypt, lithograph, published in 1897
Head from a coffin of an aristocratic male
Fayum Oasis
Fayum Oasis
Relief of the lion god Tutu or in hellenized form Tithoes, son of the goddess Neith
Among other Middle East rulers, King Ibn Saud, of Saudi Arabia, 1945
Boy with a Floral Garland in His Hair, ca 200-230. Artist: Fayum mummy portraits
Portrait of a Young Lady, 2nd cen. AD. Artist: Fayum mummy portraits
Faiyum Oasis Egypt 1860 1880 Tinted Albumen silver
man plowing Faiyum Egyptian Egypt 1865-1875
EGYPT: EXCAVATION, c1900. Excavation of temple and village ruins at Medinet en-Nahas
Egypt, Fayum, Adam and Eve in Paradise before the original sin, mural
Egypt, Cairo, Fayum (Faiyum) mummy portrait, Roman period
Bronze and nielloed electrum crocodile figure, From Faiyum, Middle Kingdom, Dynasty XII, circa 1850 B.C
Egyptian civilization, portrait of woman, tempera painting on wood, from Al-Fayyum, Egypt
Egyptian civilization, Portrait of young woman, painted with tempera on wood. From Al Fayyum
Egypt, Fayum, Adam and Eve in Paradise eating apple, mural
Egyptian civilization, Portrait of young man holding ciborium and flowers, Distemper painting on wood, From Al Fayyum
Statue of Pharaoh Neferhotep I. Microgabbro, from El Fayum
Mirror of Sat-Hathor Yunet from Lahun
Egypt, El-Faiyum Oasis (Al Fayyum), Medinet Madi, ruins of temples
Portrait of a woman, Tempera painting on wood, from El Faiyum, Egypt
EGYPT: CITY OF BACCHUS. A view of the ruins of the City of Bacchus, on Lake Moeris in the Faiyum oasis, Egypt

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