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Chad in Africa

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Lichfield Cathedral OP08956 Featured Related Images Print

Lichfield Cathedral OP08956

Cathedral Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary and St Chad, Lichfield, Staffordshire, c 1860. Francis Bedford (1816-??94), albumen print. Francis Bedford'??s photograph, published by Thompson & Co, shows the west front of Lichfield Cathedral. General views of cathedrals and photographs of their architectural details had been popular subjects for pioneer photographers, and they continued to attract attention as the mass market in photography developed. Lichfield Cathedral, one of the smallest in England, had been severely damaged during the Civil War. Significant restoration had been undertaken in the 17th and 18th centuries, and Bedford'??s view was taken before the west window (between the towers) was remodelled in the late 1860s during Sir George Gilbert Scott'??s restoration of 1856-??78

© Historic England

East Riding of Yorkshire YO16 4 Map Featured Related Images Print

East Riding of Yorkshire YO16 4 Map

Postcode Sector Map of East Riding of Yorkshire YO16 4

A165, Abbey Road, Admirals Mews, Alderson Court, Ashbourne Avenue, Ashville Street, B1253, B1423, Bessingby, Bessingby Gate, Bessingby Hill, Bessingby Road, Bessingby Way, Blenheim Road, Borough Road, Boundary Road, Boynton, Boynton Avenue, Brett Street, Brick Kiln Balk, Bridlington Bay Road, Britannia Road, Brookfield Close, Brookland Road, Buckrose Grove, Burlington Gardens, Butchers Row, Butterfly Lane, Cambridge Street, Carlton Street, Carnaby Avenue, Church Lane, Cleeton Way, Cloisters Mews, Cornfield Crescent, Cranbeck Close, East Riding Of Yorkshire, Easton, Easton Heights, Easton Meadows, Easton Road, Elma Avenue, Elma Villas, Enterprise Way, Field Road, Garden Court, Gilbert Street, Gordon Road, Greenfield Road, Grindale, Grindale Lane, Grindale Road, Gypsey Road, Harrington Road, Havelock Crescent, Havelock Place, Havelock Street, Hermitage Road, Hill Street, Jameson Road, Kent Road, Kent Square, Leys Court, Leys Road, Little Beck Road, Lowood Drive, Main Street, Matson Close, Matson Road, Meadow Road, Medforth Road, Medina Avenue, Melbourne Avenue, Mere Lane, Midway Avenue, Moor Lane, Moorfield Road, Neptune Drive, New Pasture Lane, Nursery Grove, Oxford Street, Pioneer Drive, Pirbright Close, Portland Place, Prickett Road, Quay Road, Queensgate Square, Ramsey Close, Ramsey Road, Ravenspurn, Rhodena Avenue, Romyn Close, Scarborough Road, Scholars Way, School Hill, Sirius Court, South Back Lane, Squire Lane, St Andrew Road, St Chad Crescent, St Chad Grove, St Chad Road, St Christopher Road, St Johns Avenue, St Johns Avenue West, St Johns Close, St Johns Walk, St Martins Drive, St Martins Grove, St Stephen Road, St Thomas Road, St Wilfred Grove, St Wilfred Road, Station Road, Swindon Street, Temple Lane, The Hollow Road, Thompson Street, Thornton Grove, Thornton Road, Toft Lane, Turkey Lane, Victory Way, Wayside Crescent, Wayside Road, Well Lane, Wentworth Road, West Hill, Westbourne Avenue, Westgate, Witch Lane, Wright Close, Wright Crescent, Yo16, Yo16 4aa, Yo16 4ab, Yo16 4ad, Yo16 4ae, Yo16 4af, Yo16 4ag, Yo16 4ah, Yo16 4aj, Yo16 4al, Yo16 4an, Yo16 4ap, Yo16 4ar, Yo16 4as, Yo16 4at, Yo16 4au, Yo16 4aw, Yo16 4ax, Yo16 4ay, Yo16 4az, Yo16 4ba, Yo16 4bb, Yo16 4bd, Yo16 4be, Yo16 4bf, Yo16 4bg, Yo16 4bh, Yo16 4bj, Yo16 4bl, Yo16 4bn, Yo16 4bp, Yo16 4bq, Yo16 4bs, Yo16 4bt, Yo16 4bw, Yo16 4bx, Yo16 4by, Yo16 4da, Yo16 4db, Yo16 4dd, Yo16 4de, Yo16 4df, Yo16 4dg, Yo16 4dh, Yo16 4dj, Yo16 4dl, Yo16 4dn, Yo16 4dp, Yo16 4dq, Yo16 4dr, Yo16 4ds, Yo16 4dt, Yo16 4du, Yo16 4dw, Yo16 4dx, Yo16 4dy, Yo16 4dz, Yo16 4ea, Yo16 4eb, Yo16 4ed, Yo16 4ee, Yo16 4ef, Yo16 4eg, Yo16 4eh, Yo16 4ej, Yo16 4el, Yo16 4en, Yo16 4ep, Yo16 4eq, Yo16 4er, Yo16 4es, Yo16 4et, Yo16 4eu, Yo16 4ew, Yo16 4ex, Yo16 4ey, Yo16 4ez, Yo16 4fa, Yo16 4fb, Yo16 4fd, Yo16 4ha, Yo16 4hb, Yo16 4hd, Yo16 4he, Yo16 4hf, Yo16 4hg, Yo16 4hh, Yo16 4hj, Yo16 4hl, Yo16 4hn, Yo16 4hq, Yo16 4hr, Yo16 4hs, Yo16 4ht, Yo16 4hw, Yo16 4hx, Yo16 4hy, Yo16 4hz, Yo16 4jb, Yo16 4jd, Yo16 4je, Yo16 4jg, Yo16 4jh, Yo16 4jj, Yo16 4jl, Yo16 4jn, Yo16 4jp, Yo16 4jq, Yo16 4jr, Yo16 4js, Yo16 4ju, Yo16 4jw, Yo16 4jx, Yo16 4jy, Yo16 4jz, Yo16 4la, Yo16 4lb, Yo16 4ld, Yo16 4le, Yo16 4lf, Yo16 4lg, Yo16 4lh, Yo16 4lj, Yo16 4ln, Yo16 4lp, Yo16 4lq, Yo16 4lx, Yo16 4ly, Yo16 4lz, Yo16 4na, Yo16 4nb, Yo16 4nd, Yo16 4ng, Yo16 4nh, Yo16 4nj, Yo16 4nl, Yo16 4nn, Yo16 4np, Yo16 4nq, Yo16 4nr, Yo16 4ns, Yo16 4nt, Yo16 4nu, Yo16 4nw, Yo16 4nx, Yo16 4pa, Yo16 4pb, Yo16 4pd, Yo16 4pe, Yo16 4pg, Yo16 4ph, Yo16 4pj, Yo16 4pn, Yo16 4pp, Yo16 4pq, Yo16 4pr, Yo16 4pt, Yo16 4pw, Yo16 4px, Yo16 4py, Yo16 4qa, Yo16 4qe, Yo16 4qf, Yo16 4qg, Yo16 4qj, Yo16 4ql, Yo16 4qn, Yo16 4qp, Yo16 4qq, Yo16 4qr, Yo16 4qs, Yo16 4qt, Yo16 4qu, Yo16 4qw, Yo16 4qx, Yo16 4qy, Yo16 4qz, Yo16 4ra, Yo16 4rb, Yo16 4rd, Yo16 4re, Yo16 4rf, Yo16 4rg, Yo16 4rh, Yo16 4rj, Yo16 4rl, Yo16 4rn, Yo16 4rp, Yo16 4rq, Yo16 4rr, Yo16 4rs, Yo16 4rt, Yo16 4ru, Yo16 4rw, Yo16 4rx, Yo16 4ry, Yo16 4rz, Yo16 4sd, Yo16 4sf, Yo16 4sg, Yo16 4sh, Yo16 4sj, Yo16 4sp, Yo16 4sq, Yo16 4sx, Yo16 4sy, Yo16 4sz, Yo16 4ta, Yo16 4tb, Yo16 4td, Yo16 4te, Yo16 4tf, Yo16 4tg, Yo16 4th, Yo16 4tj, Yo16 4tl, Yo16 4tn, Yo16 4tp, Yo16 4tq, Yo16 4tr, Yo16 4ts, Yo16 4tu, Yo16 4tw, Yo16 4tx, Yo16 4ub, Yo16 4ud, Yo16 4ue, Yo16 4uh, Yo16 4uj, Yo16 4ul, Yo16 4un, Yo16 4up, Yo16 4ur, Yo16 4ut, Yo16 4uu, Yo16 4uw, Yo16 4ux, Yo16 4uz, Yo16 4ww, Yo16 4xe, Yo16 4xf, Yo16 4xg, Yo16 4xh, Yo16 4xj, Yo16 4xl, Yo16 4xn, Yo16 4xp, Yo16 4xq, Yo16 4xr, Yo16 4xs, Yo16 4xt, Yo16 4xu, Yo16 4xw, Yo16 4xx, Yo16 4xy, Yo16 4xz, Yo16 4yb, Yo16 4yd, Yo16 4ye, Yo16 4yl, Yo16 4yn

Staffordshire ST16 2 Map Featured Related Images Print

Staffordshire ST16 2 Map

Postcode Sector Map of Staffordshire ST16 2

Blackberry Lane, Bridge Street, Broad Eye, Broad Street, Broadeye, Bull Hill, Castle Hill, Castle Street, Castle View, Castletown, Chapel Street, Chell Road, Church Lane, Crabbery Street, Derby Street, Doxey Road, Earl Street, Epsleys Yard, Foregate Street, Frank Foley Way, Friars Road, Gaol Square, Gaolgate Street, Glover Street, Greengate Street, Grey Friars Way, Greyfriars, Greyfriars Place, Jerningham Street, Kerr Lane, Landons Way, Leys Close, Mahogany Drive, Martin Street, Mill Bank, Mill Street, Mount Street, North Castle Street, North Place, Nursery Lane, Peel Street, Pilgrim Place, Pilgrim Street, Princes Street, Railway Street, Rosewood Gardens, Russel Street, Salter Street, Snow Hill, Snows Yard, South Street, Spruce Way, St Chads Place, St Martins Place, St Marys Gate, St Marys Grove, St Marys Place, St16, St16 2aa, St16 2ad, St16 2ae, St16 2af, St16 2ag, St16 2ah, St16 2aj, St16 2ap, St16 2aq, St16 2ar, St16 2as, St16 2at, St16 2aw, St16 2ax, St16 2ba, St16 2bb, St16 2bd, St16 2be, St16 2bg, St16 2bh, St16 2bn, St16 2bp, St16 2bq, St16 2bs, St16 2bt, St16 2bx, St16 2by, St16 2bz, St16 2db, St16 2dd, St16 2de, St16 2dh, St16 2dj, St16 2dl, St16 2dn, St16 2dq, St16 2ds, St16 2dt, St16 2du, St16 2dw, St16 2dx, St16 2dy, St16 2dz, St16 2ea, St16 2eb, St16 2ed, St16 2ee, St16 2ef, St16 2eg, St16 2eh, St16 2ej, St16 2en, St16 2ep, St16 2eq, St16 2er, St16 2ew, St16 2ex, St16 2ez, St16 2fb, St16 2gh, St16 2hb, St16 2hf, St16 2hh, St16 2hj, St16 2hl, St16 2hn, St16 2hp, St16 2hq, St16 2hs, St16 2ht, St16 2hu, St16 2hy, St16 2hz, St16 2ja, St16 2jb, St16 2je, St16 2jh, St16 2jl, St16 2jn, St16 2jp, St16 2jr, St16 2jt, St16 2ju, St16 2jw, St16 2jz, St16 2la, St16 2lb, St16 2ld, St16 2lf, St16 2lg, St16 2lh, St16 2lj, St16 2ll, St16 2ln, St16 2lp, St16 2lr, St16 2lt, St16 2lu, St16 2ly, St16 2lz, St16 2nd, St16 2nf, St16 2ng, St16 2nq, St16 2nr, St16 2ns, St16 2nt, St16 2ny, St16 2nz, St16 2pd, St16 2pe, St16 2pg, St16 2pj, St16 2pl, St16 2pn, St16 2pr, St16 2ps, St16 2pt, St16 2pu, St16 2px, St16 2qb, St16 2qd, St16 2qg, St16 2qp, St16 2qq, St16 2qr, St16 2qt, St16 2qy, St16 2qz, St16 2ra, St16 2rb, St16 2rf, St16 2rg, St16 2rh, St16 2rj, St16 2rl, St16 2rn, St16 2rp, St16 2rq, St16 2rr, St16 2rs, St16 2rw, St16 2ry, St16 2sa, St16 2sd, St16 2se, St16 2sj, St16 2sl, St16 2st, St16 2ta, St16 2tb, St16 2tf, St16 2tp, St16 2tr, St16 2ts, St16 2tu, St16 2tw, St16 2tx, St16 2yy, Stafford, Stafford Street, Staffordshire, Station Road, Tenterbanks, Timberfields Road, Tipping Street, Tosney Place, Victoria Road, Water Street, Waterfront Way