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Mungo, Angola in Africa

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Sand dunes near Vigars Well, Mungo National Park, Australia Featured Mungo Print

Sand dunes near Vigars Well, Mungo National Park, Australia

Mungo National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Listed desert park located near Balranald in NSW, Australia. It is centred around Lake Mungo which is one of many dry desert lakes.
The large sand dunes near Vigars Well have been captured in the afternoon and feature contrasting shadows and natural patterns

© 2015 Andrea Robinson

East Dunbartonshire G64 1 Map Featured Mungo Print

East Dunbartonshire G64 1 Map

Postcode Sector Map of East Dunbartonshire G64 1

Abbotsford, Ailsa Road, Angus Avenue, Ardbeg Avenue, Arnold Avenue, Ash Grove, Ash Place, Auchinairn, Auchinairn Gardens, Auchinairn Gate, Auchinairn Road, Avon Road, B812, Balmerino Place, Balruddery Place, Beauly Place, Beech Place, Beech Road, Bemersyde, Birch Knowe, Bishopbriggs, Brechin Road, Briar Neuk, Broomton Road, Brora Gardens, Brora Road, Buchanan Crescent, Buchanan Drive, Burra Gardens, Callieburn Court, Callieburn Road, Careston Place, Cargill Square, Carnoustie Crescent, Carradale Gardens, Carrick Road, Carron Crescent, Cedar Road, Ceres Gardens, Cherry Place, Clair Road, Clelland Avenue, Colla Gardens, Colston Avenue, Colston Drive, Colston Grove, Cortachy Place, Cree Avenue, Crinan Gardens, Crinan Road, Cromarty Avenue, Crowhill Quadrant, Crowhill Road, Dairsie Gardens, Donohoe Court, Dornoch Place, Dunnichen Gardens, Dunnottar Street, East Dunbartonshire, East Springfield Terrace, Edzell Gardens, Eileen Gardens, Elm Bank, Elspeth Gardens, Emerson Road, Emerson Road West, Etive Crescent, Falkland Crescent, Fern Avenue, Fern Grove, Fettercairn Gardens, Fife Way, Fintry Crescent, Firpark Road, Flora Gardens, Forfar Crescent, Forgan Gardens, Forrester Court, G64, G64 1aa, G64 1ab, G64 1ad, G64 1af, G64 1ag, G64 1ah, G64 1aj, G64 1al, G64 1an, G64 1ap, G64 1aq, G64 1ar, G64 1as, G64 1at, G64 1au, G64 1aw, G64 1ax, G64 1ay, G64 1az, G64 1ba, G64 1bb, G64 1bd, G64 1be, G64 1bf, G64 1bg, G64 1bh, G64 1bj, G64 1bl, G64 1bn, G64 1bp, G64 1bq, G64 1bs, G64 1bt, G64 1bu, G64 1bw, G64 1bx, G64 1by, G64 1bz, G64 1da, G64 1db, G64 1dd, G64 1de, G64 1df, G64 1dg, G64 1dh, G64 1dj, G64 1dl, G64 1dn, G64 1dp, G64 1dq, G64 1dr, G64 1ds, G64 1dt, G64 1du, G64 1dw, G64 1dx, G64 1dy, G64 1dz, G64 1ea, G64 1eb, G64 1ed, G64 1ee, G64 1ef, G64 1eg, G64 1eh, G64 1ej, G64 1el, G64 1en, G64 1ep, G64 1eq, G64 1er, G64 1es, G64 1et, G64 1eu, G64 1ew, G64 1ex, G64 1ey, G64 1ez, G64 1fa, G64 1fb, G64 1fd, G64 1fe, G64 1ff, G64 1fg, G64 1fh, G64 1fj, G64 1fl, G64 1fn, G64 1fp, G64 1fq, G64 1fr, G64 1ga, G64 1gb, G64 1gd, G64 1ge, G64 1gf, G64 1gg, G64 1gh, G64 1gj, G64 1gl, G64 1gn, G64 1gp, G64 1gq, G64 1gr, G64 1gs, G64 1gt, G64 1gu, G64 1gw, G64 1gx, G64 1gz, G64 1ha, G64 1hb, G64 1hd, G64 1he, G64 1hf, G64 1hg, G64 1hh, G64 1hj, G64 1hl, G64 1hn, G64 1hp, G64 1hq, G64 1hr, G64 1hs, G64 1ht, G64 1hu, G64 1hw, G64 1hx, G64 1hy, G64 1hz, G64 1ja, G64 1jb, G64 1jd, G64 1je, G64 1jg, G64 1jh, G64 1jj, G64 1jl, G64 1jn, G64 1jp, G64 1jq, G64 1jr, G64 1js, G64 1jt, G64 1ju, G64 1jw, G64 1jx, G64 1jy, G64 1jz, G64 1la, G64 1lb, G64 1ld, G64 1le, G64 1lf, G64 1lg, G64 1lh, G64 1lj, G64 1ll, G64 1ln, G64 1lp, G64 1lq, G64 1lr, G64 1ls, G64 1lt, G64 1lu, G64 1lw, G64 1lx, G64 1ly, G64 1lz, G64 1na, G64 1nb, G64 1nd, G64 1ne, G64 1nf, G64 1ng, G64 1nh, G64 1nj, G64 1nl, G64 1nn, G64 1np, G64 1nq, G64 1nr, G64 1ns, G64 1nt, G64 1nu, G64 1nw, G64 1nx, G64 1ny, G64 1nz, G64 1pa, G64 1pd, G64 1pe, G64 1pf, G64 1ph, G64 1pj, G64 1pl, G64 1pn, G64 1pp, G64 1pr, G64 1ps, G64 1pt, G64 1pu, G64 1pw, G64 1px, G64 1py, G64 1pz, G64 1qa, G64 1qb, G64 1qd, G64 1qe, G64 1qf, G64 1qg, G64 1qh, G64 1qj, G64 1ql, G64 1qn, G64 1qq, G64 1qr, G64 1qs, G64 1qt, G64 1qw, G64 1qy, G64 1qz, G64 1rb, G64 1rd, G64 1re, G64 1rf, G64 1rg, G64 1rh, G64 1rj, G64 1rl, G64 1rn, G64 1rp, G64 1rq, G64 1rr, G64 1rs, G64 1ru, G64 1rw, G64 1rx, G64 1ry, G64 1rz, G64 1sa, G64 1sb, G64 1sd, G64 1se, G64 1sf, G64 1sg, G64 1sh, G64 1sj, G64 1sl, G64 1sn, G64 1sp, G64 1sq, G64 1sr, G64 1ss, G64 1st, G64 1su, G64 1sw, G64 1sx, G64 1sy, G64 1sz, G64 1ta, G64 1tb, G64 1td, G64 1te, G64 1tf, G64 1tg, G64 1th, G64 1tj, G64 1tl, G64 1tn, G64 1tp, G64 1tq, G64 1tr, G64 1ts, G64 1tt, G64 1tu, G64 1tw, G64 1tx, G64 1ty, G64 1tz, G64 1ua, G64 1ub, G64 1ud, G64 1ue, G64 1uf, G64 1ug, G64 1uh, G64 1uj, G64 1ul, G64 1un, G64 1up, G64 1uq, G64 1ur, G64 1us, G64 1ut, G64 1uu, G64 1uw, G64 1ux, G64 1uy, G64 1uz, G64 1ws, G64 1xa, G64 1xb, G64 1xd, G64 1xe, G64 1xf, G64 1xg, G64 1xh, G64 1xj, G64 1xl, 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Miller Drive, Miller Gardens, Miller Place, Miller Walk, Monikie Gardens, Montrose Terrace, Monymusk Gardens, Moorfoot, Moray Place, Morven Avenue, Muir Close, Muir Street, Muirhead Way, Muirpark Drive, Muirpark Terrace, Murrin Avenue, Myrie Gardens, Myrtle Square, Ness Gardens, Newtyle Place, Northgate Road, Oak Park, Oak Place, Ochil Road, Oneill Avenue, Palmer Court, Pentland Drive, Pitmedden Road, Rannoch Avenue, Rannoch Gardens, Ronaldsay Drive, Rose Dale, Rossie Crescent, Ruskin Square, Ruthven Place, Ryan Road, Sandra Road, Sella Road, Shiel Road, Sinclair Gardens, Smith Close, Smith Gardens, Smith Grove, Smith Way, Solway Road, Southview Court, Southview Terrace, Springfield Avenue, Springfield Crescent, Springfield Road, Springfield Square, Spynie Place, St Cyrus Gardens, St Cyrus Road, St Mungo Street, Stobhill Road, Strathkelvin Avenue, Streamfield Lea, Stronsay Place, Sunart Gardens, Sunart Road, Tay Crescent, Tay Road, The Groves, The Leys, Thomas Muir Avenue, Thrums Avenue, Thrums Gardens, Tinto Road, Torr Road, Tweedsmuir, Wallace Drive, Wallace Gate, Wallace Place, Warden Drive, Wester Cleddens Road, Wester Lumloch Road, Westerhill Close, Westerhill Court, Westerhill Drive, Westerhill Gardens, Westerhill Place, Westray Place, Wheatley Loan, Willow Avenue, Woodfield Avenue, Woodhill Road, Younger Quadrant

Mode of Salutation, illustration from Great African Travellers, from Mungo Park to Livingstone Featured Mungo Print

Mode of Salutation, illustration from Great African Travellers, from Mungo Park to Livingstone

XJF437963 Mode of Salutation, illustration from Great African Travellers, from Mungo Park to Livingstone and Stanley, a novel by William H.G. Kingstone, first published in 1874 (engraving) by English School, (19th century); Private Collection; ( This illustration shows an instance in the travels of explorer Dr David Livingstone (1813-1873); Travelling through what is now northern Zimbabwe, Livingstone is said to have encountered a remarkable local custom; The natives of this region have a curious way of saluting a stranger, Instead of bowing they throw themselves on their backs on the ground, rolling from side to side and slapping the outsides of their thighs, while they utter the words "_Kina bomba! kina bomba_!" In vain the doctor implored them to stop, They, imagining him pleased, only tumbled about more fiercely and slapped their thighs with greater vehemence'; William H.G. Kingston (1814-1880) was an English adventuer writer;); English, out of copyright

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