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Tardigrade, SEM Featured Aquatic Image

Tardigrade, SEM

Water bear. Coloured scanning electron micrograph (SEM) of a water bear, or tardigrade (phylum Tardigrada). Water bears are small, water-dwelling, segmented micro-animals with eight legs that live in damp habitats such as moss or lichen. They are classed as extremophiles as they can survive dry conditions by changing into a desiccated state, in which they can remain for many years. Whilst in this form (known as a tun) they can withstand the most extreme environments and can tolerate radiation levels as high as x1000 more than other animals, including humans. They have even been brought back alive after spending 10 days in the vacuum of space. Magnification: x1000, when printed at 10 centimetres wide

© Science Photo Library

Killer / Orca Whale - breaching Featured Aquatic Image

Killer / Orca Whale - breaching

TOM-1166 Killer / Orca Whale - breaching Puget Sound, San Juan Islands, Washington, British Columbia, Pacific ocean Orcinus orca Tom & Pat Leeson Please note that prints are for personal display purposes only and may not be reproduced in any way

© Tom & Pat Leeson /

America, American, Breaching, Canada, In Water, Leaping, Mammal, Marine, Marine Mammal, North America, North American, Ocean, Orca, Power, Sea, Single, Spray, Strenth, Swimming, Toothed Whale, Water, Whale, Wild Life

Cartouche on W. Mayos Map of Barbados, 1722, (1944). Creator: William Mayo Featured Aquatic Image

Cartouche on W. Mayos Map of Barbados, 1722, (1944). Creator: William Mayo

Cartouche on W. Mayo's Map of Barbados, 1722, (1944). A New & Exact Map of the Island of Barbadoes in America. According to an Actual & Accurate Survey. Made by William Mayo; Approved by the Royal Society & Authorized by His Majesty's Royal Licence'. Inscription with stylised floral decoration including dolphins. Map in the King's Topographical Collection, the first large-scale survey of the island carried out by civil engineer and cartographer William Mayo, in the British Library, London. From "British Maps and Map-Makers", by Edward Lynam. [Collins, London, 1944]

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