Seascape in Jersey

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seascape in jersey

Seascape in Jersey

A seascape at Corbiere, Jersey. The sea is shown breaking towards the shore in a series of horizontal bands positioned diagonally across the sketch. The sea is shown as a series of loosely painted green and blue short brush strokes and is streaked green on the crest of the waves. Here a lighter tone of impasto paint indicates the crests of the waves caused by the wind whipping over the surface of the water. Everett painted a large number of sketches observing the movement of waves as they approach the shore and experimented with colour and form to achieve the effects he sought. He was concerned with the effects of light and representations of light in the sky and the relationship between the sea and the sky. He stayed at Corbiere from 13 January to 6 February 1928, to paint the constantly changing appearance of sea and sky. The painting is inscribed 'Jersey' on the back.

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