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Captain Charles Upham

Portrait of double VC winner, Captain Charles Upham ()

Captain Charles Upham

Portrait of double VC winner, Captain Charles Upham (). Born in New Zealand, Upham was a sheep farmer who distinguished himself during World War Two on two occasions. On July 14th/15th 1942, Captain Upham led an attack on a strong enemy position at El Ruweisat Ridge in the Western Desert. Despite being wounded in one arm, he destroyed a tank and several guns and vehicles, returning to his company after his wound was dressed and remaining with them until he was severely wounded and captured. Previous to that in May 1941, he had won the Victoria Cross for conspicuous gallantry during operations in Crete. He is one of only three men to have won the Victoria Cross and Bar since its institution in 1856. The other two, Lieutenant-Colonel Arthur Martin-Leake and Captain Noel Chavasse are also included in this picture.

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